What do we know, what are the challenges and what more can we do?

Thomas Timberlake

This report highlights the relevance of pollination to international development and identifies opportunities for improving development outcomes.

This report is the result of a three month project led by Thomas Timberlake, a pollination ecology PhD researcher from Bristol University, whilst on a three month work placement with UKCDR. It draws upon the experiences of a range of academics, funders and practitioners working across various disciplines with relevance to pollination and international development. It also incorporates some of the outcomes and points of discussion from a Pollination and International Development Webinar hosted by  UKCDR on 26 January 2018. The project was supervised by Vicky Morgan (former UKCDS director) and benefited from the valuable inputs of the whole UKCDR team.

Suggested citation: Timberlake, T. & Morgan, V. (2018). Pollination and International Development: what do we know, what are the challenges and what more can we do? Report for the UK Collaborative on Development Sciences, London.

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