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16 January, 2015

Landscape Analysis

The UK government has launched a new online tool to map out the research landscape across the UK.

The UK Knowledge Landscape Tool is an online platform that asks researchers to submit information on the disciplines, dependencies and infrastructure they think make up modern research. This crowd-sourced data should help provide a clearer picture of the whole UK research landscape.

This project is part of an investigation of the UK’s Science Landscape being led by the Council for Science and Technology – the group which advises the Prime Minister on science policy issues. The overall aim is to help inform future strategic decision-making and help the UK maintain and develop its excellence in research.

Once a sufficiently large number of users have submitted their views, partial statistical analysis will be used to generate a ‘consensus view’ of how disciplines connect with and rely on each other. This output will then be made publicly available.

The more submissions, the more accurate the picture. So if you’re involved in research, please take part by visiting the UK Knowledge Landscape website

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