The power of tracking COVID-19 research funding in real time

25 August, 2021

In a Wellcome Open Research blog post, Dr. Alice Norton explains how the COVID-19 Project Tracker and associated Living Mapping Review were developed and why they are so valuable for funders.

The living mapping review, created jointly by UKCDR and GloPID-R, is a powerful tool for global funders to inform their ongoing research funding decisions. With analyses updated every three months, it allows them to identify funding gaps and trends and avoid duplication.

As of the 1st July 2021 publication on Wellcome Open, the analysis contained 10,608 projects, funded by 201 funders, conducted in 142 countries and representing an investment of at least $4.7 billion.

The Living Mapping Review

Version 4 provides an update of the COVID-19 Project Tracker through to April 2021.

Version 5 will be published early October 2021.

The Living Mapping Review on Wellcome Open Research

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