What’s happening in Sci4Dev this week? 04/05/2018

4 May, 2018

News & Announcements

  • Innovate UK has up to £20 million to invest in cutting-edge ideas for innovative new products and services in any sector of the economy – gov.uk
  • EPSRC announced Professor Lynn Gladden as new Executive Chair – esprc.ukri.org
  • ESRC launched twelve transnational projects to receive 11.5 million euros for research on transformations to sustainability – esrc.ukri.org
  • The International Development Committee took evidence on UK ODA from Penny Mordaunt, International Development Secretary – parliament.uk
  • BBSRC announced UK-Brazil research partnerships to tackle anti-microbial and insect pest resistance in Brazilian agriculture – bbsrc.ukri.org
  • EPSRC introduced ‘EPSRC Big Ideas’, a new initiative to encourage impactful and exciting ideas from researchers and innovators – esprc.ukri.org




Events & Reports


Other News & Interesting Links

  • Top 10 reads and resources on partnering for more effective and impactful development research – Research to Action
  • It’s not enough for research to be useful to policy actors, we must try to actually influence change – LSE Impact Blog
  • Making more of multimorbidity: an emerging priority – the Lancet

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