What’s happening in Sci4Dev this week? 06/04/2018

6 April, 2018

News & Announcements

  • DFID have published the 2017 Statistics on International Development, including high level statistics on provisional UK aid spend and ODA:GNI ratio – gov.uk
  • UK China collaboration to tackle antimicrobial resistance through up to £10 million for joint projects – gov.uk
  • UK Research and Innovation has had its first day and has launched the Future Leaders Fellowship scheme – ukri.org
  • MRC welcomes Professor Fiona Watt as new Executive Chair – mrc.ukri.org
  • DFID response to ICAI recommendations on DFID’s approach to value for money in programme & portfolio management – gov.uk
  • International Development Sub-Committee on ICAI examined the UK aid response to global health threats – parliament.uk
  • DFID’s Economic Development Strategy inquiry launched and is inviting written submissions –parliament.uk




Events & Reports


Other News & Interesting Links

  • Why we mustn’t forget the effects of climate change on mental health – Mosaic
  • The Lancet launches a year-long focus on NCDs: evidence, updates and commentary – The Lancet
  • International Growth Centre mini-documentary on Ghana’s infrastructure: an example of ‘research into policy’ in action – IGC
  • The development organisation of the future? Bond creates a fictional NGO to help people think differently about the future – Bond
  • Foresters too silent on tech advances: Scientific tools need sharing more widely to meet the forestry SDG – scidev.net

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